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Apostle Phillip G. Duncan

Apostle Phillip G. Duncan is a man of distinction, someone with a clear sense of leadership, Purpose, Passion and willing to stand in the face of adversity.  His anointing is evident and the trademark dynamism associated with him, injects “life” and restoration wherever he goes. 

Sharing his Vision, Apostle Duncan challenges and inspires the Body of Christ to shake off complacency and live as God intended them to live, In His Presence with Dominion and Kingdom authority in the earth. 

He is uncompromising and means serious business for God.  As a result, he is always engaged in prayer and fasting to stay on the spiritual cutting edge, as well as imparting ministerial advice and wisdom through the covering he offers future leaders as part of his established Kingdom Leadership Academy.  Operating in his gift as an Anointed Apostolic Apostle, and speaking with a prophetic voice, Apostle Duncan preaches the unadulterated Word of God and, as a result, many testify that their lives have changed.

Consecrated to the office of a Prophet, Pastor and Teacher on Sunday July 5, 2008, he and Prophetess Jacqueline Duncan founded In His Presence Praise and Worship Center where he serves as Senior Pastor.  This is a growing church that was set in order and validated by the Glory of the Lord that fills the Temple.  Starting from humble beginnings, with only a handful of faithful Citizens, the church is progressively growing and continues to grow today. 

In 2010 God launch Apostle Duncan into public platforms such as the 2013 DC Stand Rally; a Monthly Radio Broadcast; and teaching & preaching engagements around the nation. .  In December of 2014 then Pastor Phillip was installed as an Apostle.

He oversees various ministries: Kingdom Leadership United - a Senior Pastors Leadership Organization; Kingdom Leadership Academy – a Leadership development training program;  Men of Purpose - a men’s ministry he established from his desire to develop men as kingdom leaders, in their churches, on their jobs and in their homes

Apostle Duncan, a native of Clarksville, TN retired from the United States Marine Corps after 22 years of service and received numerous meritorious awards.  He currently serves as a member of the Entrepreneur Foundation of America and the Bowie Chamber of Commerce.  He is clearly a multi-talented, multi-faceted Man of GOD.  Apostle Duncan has been married to Pastor Jacqueline Duncan since September 1998.  The Duncan’s have two children, daughter Shekinah and son Jammar.

Apostle Phillip and Pastor Jacqueline, advance the kingdom of God together as they humbly accept their mandate by God to establish Kingdom Authority in the earth.

To contact the Ministry:

In His Presence Praise and Worship Temple

Administrative Office


Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm

Phone: 301.430.0671

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The Kingdom Leadership Academy is designed to develop leaders and help citizens work collaboratively in diverse organizational settings.

Our History

IHP goes back to a night when Apostle Duncan was called by God to start a new church in the northern part of Maryland.  After successfully pastoring the church the Lord encountered him one night while he was in prayer, and gave him a new vision and a new position.  Pastor called forth as an Apostle.

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