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Ambassadors Ministry


The Ambassadors ministry is the first line of defense (the Gatekeepers) of the ministry.  The Ambassadors promote an atmosphere of reverence and worship in the house of God.



Armor Bearers Ministry


The Armor Bearers ministry serve and anticipate the needs of Apostle Phillip Duncan and Pastor Jacqueline Duncan; therefore, allowing them to be free of distractions as they prepare to bring forth the word of God to the citizens of In His Presence Praise and Worship Temple.



AS ONE – Couples Ministry


The As One marriage ministry offers spiritual and practical wisdom using biblical guidance through workshops, retreats, and fellowships to aid in fortifying marriages.



 Children of Purpose


The Children’s of Purpose ministry teaches biblical principles and exposes the children to a vast wealth of resources awaiting them.





The Events ministry oversees all of the program logistics ensuring a seamless outcome with excellence.



Health and Wellness Ministry


The Health and Wellness ministry is to address the health and wellness needs of Kingdom citizens and visitors to develop an awareness of their mental and physical state as a person by providing information to create choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.




The Hospitality ministry manages the overall food service for our Overseers, church events and housekeeping with a spirit of excellence and adhering to the safety and sanitation codes.



In His Presence Ministry of Motion


The Ministry of Motion dance ministry ushers in the presence of God through visual movement.




Intercessory Prayer


The Intercessory Prayer ministry intercedes on behalf of our leadership, spiritual covering, affiliated ministries, the lost and the sick while warring in the spirit for deliverance for those that are bound.




Kingdom Invitation - Evangelism/Outreach


The Evangelism and Outreach ministry shares salvation and the love of God with the unbelievers through street ministry and outreach within the community.


Kingdom Leadership Academy


The Kingdom Leadership Academy is designed to develop leaders and help citizens work collaboratively in diverse organizational settings by enhancing communication skills, learning to assign tasks and developing team-building skills that support the understanding of submitting to the Spirit of God under challenging circumstances.



Kingdom Leadership United


The Kingdom Leadership United ministry is the collaboration of senior Pastors that unite to strengthen one another in their leadership role by fostering an environment of brotherhood and support as the men of God establish Kingdom authority in the earth.



Leading Ladies of Integrity


This ministry is a sisterhood of Leading Ladies that come together as Pastor’s Wives to give strength and empowerment through God’s unconditional love and support to each other as she walks in her purpose of supporting her husband/Pastor with Kingdom Authority.



Marketing and Promotions


The Marketing ministry serves in the gift of assisting with the increase and recognition of the church by creating robust marketing strategies and brand recognition through collateral and messaging that outreaches to unconnected people and engages them to join the ministry and become members of God’s kingdom.



Men of Purpose


The Men of Purpose ministry provides with accountability partners and aids them in becoming strong leaders in their homes and churches through conferences, book club fellowship and community outreach events.



Miracle Ministry


The Miracle ministry assists in meeting the spiritual needs of the sick and shut-in on behalf of our Overseers.



Praise and Worship/Ministry of Motion


The Praise and Worship ministry encourages and exhorts others to praise and adore God through authentic worship by expressing praise and worship through the art of dance and song.


Remnant Ministry

The Remnant ministry ministers to young adults from ages 18 to 24. This ministry helps young adults transition into adults by growing their faith and character through the enriching of their relationship with God.



Singles Ministry


The Singles ministry empowers the Singles by offering them support, opportunities for Christian fellowship with other Single believers in a safe environment.




Temple Guards


The Temple Guards ministry helps to ensure church provides the safest possible environment for the children and adults attending our weekly services and activities.




Women of Purpose


The Women of Purpose ministry ministers to the heart of women. Women are empowered to pursue their God ordained purpose through conferences, book club fellowships and community outreach events.



YADA (Youth Are Destined to Achieve)


The YADA ministry ministers to youth from ages 13 to 17. The interactive sessions empower youth and equip them with biblical techniques to withstand societal and peer pressures.

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