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Pastor Jacqueline Duncan

Pastor Jacqueline Duncan, a woman of vision, purpose, and power, with a passion to see women fulfill their call in Christ.  A humble woman of integrity, she stands firmly on the Word of God without compromise.  Life coach, mentor, motivational speaker and purpose pusher, Pastor Jacqueline, challenges the body of Christ to allow the Spirit of The Lord to rule and reign in their lives, to achieve God's full potential within their purpose. 

A Clarksville, TN native, Pastor Jacqueline was saved at the age of 23, and has since been multifaceted in her endeavors for the kingdom. In 1992 she received her Associates Degree in Religious Education and after serving as First Lady of In His Presence Praise and Worship Center alongside her husband, Apostle Phillip Duncan, in December of 2014 she was installed as a Pastor at IHP.

Serving as a Spiritual Advisor, Board and Council Member, for organizations such as the National Black Women's Health Project, the American Mission Coalition, and Gods Gift Sharing the Blessing, Pastor Jacqueline actively champions various causes to edify the Body of Christ.

In 2001, Pastor Jacqueline found Sisters Enhancing Sisters (SES), a women's networking organization that connects women in the virtue of sisterhood, for the education, edification and empowerment of one another.  Through SES workshops and fellowships Pastor Jacqueline encourages women as she leads and assists them in their journey to wholeness.

Entrusted by the Lord to pour into the lives of women worldwide, Pastor Jacqueline spearheads numerous women’s projects through SES; Women of Purpose – IHP women’s ministry; and Leading Ladies Of Integrity – a First Ladies Organization where she serves as Founder and President, with events such as A Brand New You Class, Woman’s Day Explosion Conference, Health and Wellness Workshop, First Families First Fellowship Conference and Book Club Fellowships.  Through these events and more, her desire is to equip and empower women, both physically and spiritually to operate in integrity and Godly influence as Queens in Gods kingdom.

Pastor Jacqueline is married to Apostle Phillip G. Duncan, Senior Pastor of IHPPWC.  The two met while in high school and after 19 years of Gods molding and shaping them as friends, they joined as one in marriage.  They have two children whom they love dearly, daughter Shekinah and son Jammer.  The Duncan family resides in Maryland.

In May of 2008, Pastor Jacqueline along with her husband, both visionaries, started In His Presence Praise and Worship Center a thriving, kingdom mindset church, where the spirit of the LORD reigns supreme; the anointing breaks yokes, and the IHP Citizens grow with the heart of a true servant in Christian love and faith.

Pastor Jacqueline and Apostle Phillip Duncan, humbly accept their mandate by God to establish Kingdom Authority in the earth.

"God Wants To Do

A New Thing In You"

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